An Autumn Walk

Yesterday I took a walk around my backyard. Everything was bursting with autumn color, and the sunlit trees seemed to glow with golden light. It was a gorgeous day. The sky was a brilliant cloudless blue, the sun was warm and the breeze was crisp, and before I knew it my camera and I were out the door and snapping away at the marvelous views before us.

A Fiery Tree

There were so many vibrant leaves on the ground and swirling through the air.


Here we have the last of the Periwinkles and the last reminder of the Cicadas that come in August…

Two Maples and a Pine

Through a Maple

Our old storage door was looking especially fine and rustic…


I just adore leaves.

Red Leaves

This large tree’s leaves create a messy mosaic on the surface of our pond…

Funny thing; one day, my dad found three pumpkins in our yard, one floating in the pond and the other two in different places. They must have fallen from a produce truck as it passed. Either that, or The Great Pumpkin visited early with some friends.

After my walk, I decided to write this post and drink a cup of Bigelow Cinnamon tea.

Tea Time

Until next time, have a happy November! :)


Feel free to comment! :)

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