Blending Your Own Teas

Blending Your Own Teas

In addition to drinking tea, I love dissecting different loose leaf blends and discovering the many ingredients that go into making the delicious teas we all adore. I’m fascinated by the diverse combinations of herbs, spices, and food stuffs as well as the health benefits that said combinations naturally have. I suppose part of the intrigue (for me, at least) is that blending teas rather puts me in mind of medieval-fantasy times with cauldrons, witches, magic, and coming up with various herbal and plant concoctions.

Now, because I haven’t had any first hand experience, (only what I’ve read) I recommend visiting Kitty who is kind enough to share her valuable knowledge of this enchanting process.

Until next time, happy tea drinking, blending, and/or dissecting! :)


6 thoughts on “Blending Your Own Teas

  1. Love, love, love! Great post, makes me want to blend some of our own concoctions! We could use a dehydrator! That would be fun! ❤️ The pictures are really pretty too!

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