A Tea Personality Quiz

I just took a tea personality quiz, what fun. 😊 I am English Breakfast Tea! What kind of tea are you? Find out here!

(Feel free to comment your results! 😄)


13 thoughts on “A Tea Personality Quiz

    1. Hi, Kayla. I just finished reading your wonderful post. I’m so sorry you spilled your tin of tea! How depressing.
      I have never had David’s Tea, but it sounds lovely! I just might have to give it a try. :)

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  1. I got Jasmine tea. The description is spot-on. But in real life, when drinking it, I mainly like just plain black tea, or sometimes orange, or some other fruit, much more than flowers. I think I’ll set the pot on. BTW, I also love Tolkien and the idea of Elevenses (and all of the other meals and snack-times). I know I’ll enjoy your blog. Mum crochets and frequently invents her own designs. She is also a great cook. I may have to bake some scones to accompany…

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    1. I have actually never had Jasmine tea, although I hear it’s lovely. I’m so happy to meet another tea and Tolkien lover! :)
      I do hope you enjoy my blog! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! It put a big smile on my face. :)
      Your mum sounds like a pretty talented crocheter! :)


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