How to make simple Ginger tea.

I have always had problems with car sickness but ginger tea is something that usually helps. I’ll sometimes take a cup to sip while I travel which really helps calm my stomach.
You can read about the many health benefits of ginger here, if you like.

Ngoc Nguyen's

Prepare these:

  • Fresh ginger root – approx 3 ounces
  • Boiled water – approx 3 cups
  • Honey or maple syrup or brown sugar – to taste, as sweeteners (optional)
  • Apple or lemon (optional)

Step 1: Wash the ginger. Scrub it well

Step 2: Peel the ginger and slice it thinly, in small pieces. Use caution when cutting the ginger. Peeling is optional, if you have washed it well.

Step 3:Boil the water.

Step 4: There are several ways to perform the next step – the method will depend on your preference:

  • Pour the boiled water into a teapot into which you have already placed the freshly sliced ginger. Put the lid on the teapot to stop the pot from cooling down too quickly and to keep the aromatic ingredients in the tea. Steep for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Make Ginger Tea or Tisane Step 4Bullet1.jpg
  • If you boil the water in a saucepan rather than in a…

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